Row by Row Experience 2019
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My Sewing Room participated in the 2019 Row by Row Experience. This year’s theme was “Taste the Experience!”

The My Sewing Room row

Dawn cooked up a sweet block - literally!

Cowgirl Cookies has circled the wagons with pieced blocks to protect the all-important recipe card for a sweet country treat! Add some appliqué for the cowgirl boots and hat and a mixing bowl and spoon for a real western flavour.

You will want make our row, as well as the cookies, to really Taste the Experience!

Patterns and Fabric Kits are available

Come into the store or go online to purchase the pattern or a fabric kit all ready to go.

Row by Row Experience 2019 shapes
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What is the Row by Row Experience?

It’s like a shop-hop. Participating quilt stores each design a quilt row pattern that you can then collect. Combine rows to make your own unique Row by Row quilt. Or create a small wall hanging or table runner with just one row - it’s up to you!

Once again, there will be different dimensions - not just one size horizontal or vertical. Each store gets to pick the size they want to make their row - mix and match rows to really make your quilt unique!

(We went Foxy Boxy.)

Row by Row Experience Winner

It’s a contest too!

The first person to bring a finished (quilted, bound, labeled) quilt using at least eight different rows from eight different participating stores to My Sewing Room will receive a bundle of twenty-five beautiful fat quarters! Include our row in your quilt and get a bonus prize!

Limit of one prize per person.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Audrey S. of Calgary, Alberta!

Audrey was the first to bring in a finished, bound and labelled quilt using at least eight rows.

Audrey picked up a fabulous fat quarter bundle for her efforts. Plus, since she included the My Sewing Room row, she also got an additional prize package.

Way to go, Audrey!

Row by Row Experience Junior quilt

Row by Row Junior

Meet Fried Eyes, Jelly and Sweetie - three friends from the imaginary Land of Yum!

Row by Row Junior patterns are designed to be made by kids with the help of an adult sewing coach. They can be combined to make a quilt, turned into wallhangings or used in other sewing projects.

We had all three patterns to collect. “I Made This!” ribbons and certificates were available for any child who brought in a completed project using at least one of the Junior rows.

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More info

For complete rules and a list of all participating shops, please see the Row by Row Experience website.

Please visit the Alberta Row by Row Experience Facebook page for pictures and info on the Alberta shops.